The University Trading Challenge was originally envisioned in late 2010. We were aware of a few competitions targeting the graduating students seeking employment in the financial and capital markets. A couple of them were excellent, but targeted towards “the quant” or were so difficult as to what they were attempting to achieve that no one could understand them, the rest of the competitions (in our opinion) were so-so.

We were asking each other: “So where are the competitions for the bulk of those seeking careers in the financial markets? Where are the competitions that would allow for graduating students to show-case their talents? Where are the programs that allowed for different universities to highlight their programs?”

In response to those questions, we created the University Trading Challenge.


Our goal is to be the preeminent provider of student based competitions for graduate and undergraduate University students seeking careers in the Financial and Wealth industries. Our overall strategy is to provide a competition in various geographic locations, using our core competencies in the development and delivery of simulation platforms, to advance the understanding of students as to the scope and breath of the financial markets. Believing that we have the capacity and global reach to deliver these student competitions worldwide and delivering value to those institutions that seek to reach these influential future leaders.


University Orientation: We strive to…

• Embodied our programs to always meet our ACE principles: Achieving Competitive Excellence
• Provide tools that will allow for students to familiarize them with order-driven markets
• Allow students to understand the liquidity of markets and the impact of trading costs
• Provide a realistic interface and environment for understanding Sales & Trading, Portfolio Management and Construction, as well as the Risk impacts on markets from the news.
• To provide a simulated market platform that measures the Trader Analytic’s and Metrics that govern the risk/reward of Trading and Portfolio Management

Risk Taking: We strive to…

• Foster innovation and creative thinking for students looking at careers in the financial markets
• Provide a safe environment to allow these high-performing students to explore alternative strategies
• Give student the ability to learn from their successes and mistakes
• Encourage and reward informed risk taking by the participating students and universities

Results Oriented: We strive to…

• To provide a simulated market platform that measures the Trader with Analytics and
Metrics that govern the risk/reward of Trading and Portfolio Management
• Provide communication and presentation opportunities that simulate the real financial markets


CapitalWave Inc. is committed to “Technology Enabled Learning” for both commercial and investment banks, corporate treasuries, other financial institutions and Universities.

Delivering solutions is different from delivering programs or courses. We work hard to insure our programs are applicable, relevant and engaging. We expect that those who use our simulations walk away with something that is applicable to their jobs today. We will leave the ‘educationally interesting programs’ but lacking relevancy to other development firms.